Please find your Green fee in the table below. Note: Bank Holidays are charged at our weekend rate.


9 Holes18 Holes
Senior Citizen (60+)£15£30
Junior Visitor£10£18
Members Guest£10£18
Junior Guest£8£13


9 Holes18 Holes
Junior Visitor£15£30
Member Guest£12£20
Junior Guest£8£12


9 Holes18 Holes


9 Holes18 Holes
Member Pull£2.50£4
Visitor Pull£3£5


Our stunning 9 hole golf course designed by international course architect Simon Gidman E.I.G.C.A incorporates 18 different Tees measures over 6500 yards and is one of the longest of its kind in the UK, with USGA specification greens, strategically placed bunkers and tight fairways it is a true test of golf.

Front 9:

Mens – 3187 yards Par 35
Ladies – 2844 yards Par 36

Back 9:

Mens - 3359 yards Par 36
Ladies - 2844 yards Par 36


Mens - 6546 yards Par 71 (sss 72)
Ladies - 5688 yards Par 72 (sss 73)

Hole - 1

With a sloping fairway from right to left the further you drive the tighter the hole gets. If you are confident of hitting a fade with the driver then go for it, but if you draw the ball tee off with a shorter club.

Hole - 2

A really tough Par 4 from the yellow tees and a good birdie chance from the white tees. The hole requires a great drive and a very accurate second shot to find the well protected green.

Hole - 3

Caution is the word from the 3rd tee. A blind shot that can find lots of trouble the further you hit the ball, a long iron will leave a mid iron to a huge green, the reward for a long straight drive is a short pitch onto a sure birdie chance.

Hole - 4

One of the toughest par 3’s you will ever face anywhere in the world. Long, uphill and tight. The sensible place to miss the green is short and chance a chip and putt. Miss left, right or long at your peril.

Hole - 5

Fantastic sweeping both right then left par 5 that requires a straight drive. Miss the fairway and you are reaching for another ball! Heavily protected green surrounded by humps and bunkers.

Hole - 6

Looks from the tee like a give away par 3 but the pond encroaches from the left and the large green side bunker front right gathers lots of shots. Huge green means once the target is found concentration is required to sure up your par.

Hole - 7

Total risk and reward hole, dog leg right that will offer up a mid iron for the sensible drive, choose to cut the corner off with a big drive and you will have a short pitch to a tightly guarded green protected by bunkers and dense gorse.

Hole - 8

Strong par 4 requiring a straight long drive into a narrowing fairway the further you go. Fairway bunkers are best avoided. Long green that is definitely 3 putt country so get it close.

Hole - 9

Great hole back to the clubhouse, Sweeping dog leg right requires a straight drive to give you a chance of hitting the green with a long second shot. Undulating green makes it really tough to get your chip or long putt close to the cup. Enjoy your food and drink in our friendly clubhouse.

1OUT OF BOUNDS (Rule 27)
Indicated by White Stakes  if A ball struck over
any hedge or fence marking the course boundary.
a)Water Hazards are defined by Yellow Posts.
b)Lateral Water Hazards are Defined by Red Posts.
Are movable obstructions (Rules 24-1 Applies)
(Rule 24-2)
a)All artificial surfaced roads and paths, are
immovable obstructions.
b)Marker Posts.
c)Telegraph Posts.
d)Course Furniture
e)Control Boxes & Inspection Covers
f)Fixed Sprinker Heads.
Penalty for breach of local rules.
Match play – Loss of hole
Stroke Play – Two Strokes
Play Prohibited
a)Vehicle damage (not faint impression)
b)Any areas marked ‘GUR’. If a player’s ball lies in
 such an area,or if such an area interferes with
their stance or area of intened swing, the ball
MUST be lifted without penalty, and
dropped in accordance with rule (25-1b).
 c) Drinage Lines
If a ball strikes any overhead wires, the stroke
shall becancelled and replayed without penalty


  • No Denim
  • No Trainers
  • No Sandals
  • No T-Shirts (Golf polo shirts or Mock necks only)
  • No Tracksuits (Trousers or golf short only)


  • Keep shirts tucked in at all times
  • Do not wear baseball caps backwards
  • Keep mobile phones on silent
As a courtesy to all golfers who follow us, and the course itself, it’s important that all players do all they can to keep the course in as good condition as we would like it to be for us.
  • Repair all pitch marks
  • Repair all divots in fairway
  • Rake all bunkers after use
  • Aviod slow play
Always remember, if your shot hits the green on the fly, there will be some damage. Find it, repair it, then look for and repair at least one other that someone else missed. If you notice any ball mark on the green that needs fixing, fix it.Never stick your putter head into the cup to remove your ball from the hole as it could cause damage to the edges of the cup.
Never take your pull-cart across tees or greens, or across the fringe between the green and a greenside bunker. Always move your cart to a spot between the green and next tee box before proceeding to the green to putt.
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