Month: January 2020

Happy New Year

We hope you are enjoying your time at Waterfront as a member. This year we aim to keep you informed about more things happening at the club.

We firmly believe that our golf club is one of the most progressive members clubs around and us as owners hope you can all see the constant investment in facilities around the clubhouse, range and especially the golf course are paying off and giving you all a great experience.

We will hopefully be adding a new fairway mower to the growing number of machines available for Richard and his team to keep the course in tip top condition this season, this will allow us to move the current fairway mower on to the first cut of semi making the course not only look tidier but also play a little more forgiving for them just off the fairway shots.

Our par 3 development has finally begun and after over 2 years of planning consultation and way more expense than first being told!! we are at long last on the way with it. We expect the course to take at least 2 years to form and mature enough for use so thanks for bearing with us while we have materials and machinery coming into site. The process is vital for our club to continue to grow and help develop junior and new golfers coming into our sport.

2018 and 2019 brought us many difficulties with the drought of 2018 and the irrigation pump breaking down at exactly the wrong time Richard, Brad and Keith worked wonders at keeping the greens in great order and extracting the old pump from the lake and placing the new one back in. The new pump and temporary one used to keep the greens alive while the replacement was built and delivered meant that over £9000 had to be spent (this figure would have been over £15000 without help from members and green keeping staff going that extra mile!)

2019 brought different problems namely our vandalism from quads and motorbikes! While we would all like to take matters in to our own hands we think continuous pressure from us all going down the correct channels is the only way forward and as we speak Police and councils are talking with us on how we can keep it from happening again. Once again we all owe our green keeping team a massive thank you for the great repair work they continue to do. The greens will recover as soon as the growing season starts we just need to keep the bad guys off! Talking to members and hearing your views really brings it home how much of a CLUB we really are and we as a family are incredibly proud and very touched by the support and many kind words, emails, phone calls and thoughts that you our members have all passed on. Thank you.

So what will 2020 bring??? Well let us hope for kind weather and no major problems like the last few years, we are hoping to get our adult membership number above the 200 mark this coming year which would be a first for Waterfront Golf. With golf clubs struggling to retain members and finding it financially difficult to even stay open these days it makes finding new members really important. Please continue your great work at bringing potential new members to our club, it is needed and much appreciated. Subscription costs will increase slightly this year as usual but I’m sure everybody recognises it is inevitable with rising costs across the board to keep the club and course running. Your subs next year will include a £20 range credit for 7 day members and a £10 range credit for 5 day members. Your 10% members discount behind the bar will continue. All members will receive a luxury PEN  when paying there subs this year!! This is just another little thank you and I hope it will also stop people taking ours 😉 Your club has the best practice facilities in the area and with our range and indoor areas makes for a great place to improve, you have 3 of the best PGA instructors in the UK who continue to get busier every year so please use us and the great tech we have to improve your game.

A big thanks as always go to our great team of staff who help us keep the club running smoothly and a big thanks to your committee who give up their time to help administer the comps amongst other club duties.

We will have owned Waterfront for 6 years in August and can’t believe how fast the time has gone. We are building into a members golf club that is now the envy of many in the area and we know this is down to a great atmosphere and a tolerance of all fellow members by you all.

On behalf of our family may I wish you all the best for the coming season and here is to some great weather, golf and most of all good fun with friends.

As usual if you have any ideas or issues please speak to us and we will try to accommodate.

Thank you Frank, Jo, Frankie, Luca, Dante and the Waterfront team.


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Our range and pro-shop are now open from 8am-8pm daily (subject to trade) Last balls on the range are 7:15pm. The clubhouse remains closed but drinks are being served with outdoor seating available.